Ocean Freight

Historically the oldest means of transporting goods and persons, vessels have been transiting the waterways of the world for possibly tens of thousands of years. Aside from being the oldest, it’s also the most economical by far. Be it a small pallet or a full container load of goods, Momentum Shipping has a sea freight option for you.

Ocean containers are stacked throughout a ship for delivery. All loads are packaged in boxes and pallets for ease of handing by dockworkers. Ocean pricing is set by volume (per cubic meter/cubic foot). While sizes can vary, the most common are 20-ft. and 40ft. For exact internal dimensions, give us a call.

There are a number of common modes of ocean freight shipping, two of the most common are termed full container loads and less-than-container loads.

  • Less-Than-Container shipping combines your shipment in an ocean container with other customers' shipments
  • Full Container loads require you to fill/pay for the entire container
  • Refrigerated Cargo (aka Reefer)
  • Flatracks (for oversized cargo)
  • Roll On / Roll Off (aka RO/RO - for Autos, large construction equipment or any self-propelled unit). Your vehicle(s) need to be delivered to the port either by tow or driven to a specified location and time. Once delivered to the port, authorized port employees will drive/tow the vehicle to the loading zone. You cannot ship anything in the vehicle.
  • Bulk Cargo (for cargo not suitable for containers or RO/RO)

Both Import and Export services are available worldwide. Call or e-mail us for a free quote.

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Business / Home Relocation

Whether you are moving your residence/business domestically or overseas, we can help you to make the move. Residential moving can be a real challenge and a Momentum relocation specialist can assist you with the transition.